A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

It’s simple, our dedication and commitment is to our clients. We implement innovative strategies that produce positive results.


Even with the sophisticated technology that is widely available today, many companies struggle to align their marketing efforts to the business outcomes that they actually care about: sales, revenue, and profitability. We have been running profitable SEM programs using a scientific, data-driven approach to bid management for over 10 years.Our SEM process includes analyzing searcher intent, strategizing around which channels and platforms will together to drive purchase behavior, and plotting customer touch-points and audiences.

That’s because we also know that PPC is just one channel – and most consumers today convert after multiple visits from multiple channels and devices. So we’ve evolved how we market, and how we measure to reflect this reality.


Many digital marketing agencies rely on analytical insight to create value for their clients, but analytical competence is a threshold requirement: it is necessary for creating value, but insufficient for creating superior value. Pay Per Click may at first seem like a simple channel to manage. Load up some key keywords into the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool, throw in your credit card, write an ad or two, and off you go. However, structuring an account properly, testing, getting consistent performance and managing the account in the face of real-time competition to attain a specific cost per action (CPA) is quite another story. Daymark Interactive is committed to continual improvement through analysis and optimization to return the best results for our clients. 

Passionate About Our Clients

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.